Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to fly an RC Helicopter

Here are some great lessons if you are flying a helicopter for the first time.

Lesson 1

Draw a circle in front of you. In the beginning, draw a big circle. Place the helicopter in the circle and hover it 1-2 feet from the ground and keep it inside the circle. Stand 5-10 ft away from the circle. Trust me, you need this practice.

Lesson 2
Stand a little farther from the circle, but have the circle at your right. Once again, hover the helicopter in the circle, 2-3 feet from the ground. After you mastered this, have the circle on the left side and do the same thing.

Lesson 3
Hover your helicopter again in the circle, 2-3 feet from the ground and move yourself around.

Lesson 4
Draw another circle 5-10 feet away from the first circle. Stand in the middle of both circles and transfer the helicopter from circle 1 to circle 2 and then come back to circle 1. Practice this until you master it.

Thank you to for the tips!

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