Monday, January 24, 2011

How to clean RC Nitro Truck or Car

How to clean your RC nitro truck or rc car after you enjoyed an exciting dirt run adventure.:

1. Start brushing the dirt/dust off. Try to get your brush in, where ever you can, but don't force into smaller place or you might damage some parts.

2. Remove the clogged and dirty air filter

3. While brushing more dirt off, make sure nothing goes into open carburetor.

4. Get a damp cloth and wipe vehicle. Give your vehicle a good cleaning, especially on open bigger surfaces or parts, where your hands and fingers can reach easily.

5. Add afterrun oil or wd-40 in your engine. This lubes it and keeps it safe.

6. Wash the wheels/tires nicely. You may use toothbrush and both hands to clean the dirt throughly

7. Washing the cover or the body is the easiest part. Give it a nice rub.

8. Use a little washing powder to wash the air filters.

9. Make sure to rinse the washing powder and dirt out nice. Dry the air filters before putting them back on the carburetor.

10. Let dry.

Always keep your Nitro car or truck clean and maintained. It increase the life of your RC vehicle.

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