Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are Nitro RC Toys or Battery-Powered Ones Right for You?

RC toys have definitely captured the imaginations and hearts of many people. In fact, regardless of age, they are sure to shower you with a ton of excitement and fun. These toys are driven with powerful engines that get their power either from nitro fuel or rechargeable batteries. So, if you want to take an RC toy into consideration for your kid or yourself, it would always be best to figure out which kind would suit your personal purposes best first.

One thing that you need to take into consideration when shopping for RC toys would be your overall intentions. If you will only be playing with them on your lawn or in your house, you may just settle for those that are battery-powered since they are easier to maintain, use and assemble. Also, once you take them out of their boxes, they are usually ready to use after a simple matter of recharging the batteries.

If you want to buy an RC toy to race with, though, it would be better to get a gas or nitro-powered one since these can give the engine constant and steady power - provided there is enough fuel inside the tank, anyway. First of all, when it comes to battery-powered RC toys, the first several minutes of play might have you going fast and strong, but as more time goes by, you will come to notice that your power is diminishing. This means that you need to recharge your battery - and this can be a problem if you don't have a fully-charged spare battery with you. On the other hand, with nitro-powered toys, you simply need to fill it up with nitro fuel again.

One very clear disadvantage of nitro-powered toys would be that they need regular maintenance similar to real cars. Nitro-powered toys tend to have several moving parts that need regular cleaning and replacement. So, if you have just begun using these toys or have no idea how combustion engines work, you may have trouble maintaining or assembling the parts of the engine. Conversely, battery-powered toys just need some recharging before they can be used.

Without a doubt, playing and assembling RC toys can really be a fulfilling hobby and experience altogether. After you finally buy the type of RC toy that would be best for you, you will definitely have tons of fun using it, so make sure you pick the right one.


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  2. By far the biggest difference between an electric and a nitro RC are what makes them go. The electric RC is powered by a motor that requires electricity (in the form of a battery pack) as the fuel. This nitro engine and nitro fuel are the RC equivalent of the gasoline engine. These are a special, larger size RC that is not as prevalent as the electric and nitro RC models.