Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zmoto Electric Buggy Blowout!

It's a Christmas Blowout.  We're selling the Himoto Racing 1:10 Four Wheel Driver Electric Powered Radio Control Buggy HI3101 Zmoto for under $100, saving your $150!  The Zmoto is really fun to play with. Himoto Racing 1/10 Zmoto Electric buggy is fast and furious! Fast buggy with RC 540 motor and crash resistant body allows you to race with speed and style! Comes with anit-skid tires, great for off road racing and maximum speed of 35+ mph!


    •    Powerful RC540 Motor
    •    Aluminum Centre Transmission Shaft
    •    Front/Rear Differential Gear
    •    Suspension Arms With Adjustable Width
    •    Four Wheel Driver System
    •    SP-03018 Electronic Speed Control Provides Easy And Quick ResponseY
    •    Solid Aluminium Upper Deck
    •    Durable And Anti-skid Wheel Tyres
    •    7.2V 1800mAh Ni-MH Battery Power
    •    Full Ball bearings for whole vehicle

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